I am the sum (+) of my experiences.

From Architecture student → Web Design Intern → In-House Graphic Designer → Freelance Entrepreneur


Created to create.

My mission is to create strong visuals that empower your ideas and concepts.

Lachelle began her work 10 years ago as an Architecture major at the University of Houston. It was there that she learned of her ability to take concepts and create visuals for both the everyday and elite brand. Lachelle thrives off the balance of complexity and concision, making the simple profound and the expressive absolute.  Lachelle has spent the last two years intentionally set out to develop her skill sets through work and travel. In her spare time Lachelle has lended her talent to serving her community having created for churches and a number of non-profits. 

Lachelle welcomes you: the individual, the company, the marketer, as the perfect addition to the sum of her experiences.